It's more than just shoe care, it's pride.
Walter’s Shoe Care comes from a long family history, established over 100 years ago. Enst, F. Walter, its founder, was known as a man of integrity and pride – someone who always did the right thing. In the great war, the company supplied felts and basic for Canada's soldiers overseas. More recently, Walter's has always supplied white-label, shoe care products and accessories to retailers all over the world. Everything from laces and shoe polishes, to insoles and protectors. 
Following a successful brand launch, of Walter's Shoe Care, the company set their sights on becoming its own premium shoe care brand. 
If you've got the shoes, we've got the shine.​​​​​​​
The logo for the packaging, needed to align with the Walter's Shoe Care master brand.
There are two parts to the Walter's Shoe Care business. The first, is experiential – where you can have your shoes actually shined by one of their skilled tradesmen. The kiosks have established a memorable experience with travellers, at airports within the business travelling corridors of Toronto and Montreal. 
The second part of the business is offering an extensive line of shoe care products. Sold at any Walter's kiosk, online, or at specialty partner retail networks, Walter's have carved themselves a unique position in a very competitive and often uninspiring category. Rather than focus on what the product does, the brand understands it's more important to focus on how it makes you feel. 
When your shoes shine, you shine.
The design needed to appeal to a discerning and professional audience. 
Strong brand recognition across all skews made the entire product line feel exclusive and premium. Small touches like 'the man in the hat' button was positioned with respect and authority – right down to the signature of E.F. Walter himself.  
Credits:   Frank Casera – Creative Director, Lead Designer and Producer, Alan Marr – Copywriter and Creative Partner.
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