In the spring of 2018, the University of Guelph Humber (UGH) launched their new brand standards and identity guides. Our mandate was to implement it within all student recruitment and communications for 2019.
The approach was one of utility and design.
The main piece used for recruitment is the Student Viewbook. It had the most stakeholder audiences it needed to speak to: high school, transfer and international students but also focused on important influencer groups such as student guidance counsellors and parents. It needed to work as a presentation tool for guidance counsellors while providing parents and students everything needed to make an informed choice. It also needed to work within the university's new brand and visual standards.
Each cover included a gatefold, which highlighted important information such as program information and admission requirements. It was important the book balanced brand's essence and sensible design approach, with the book's need to be comprehensive and simple to navigate. If our audience read nothing else, this would be it.
Main areas of the book introduced new content.
Using a disciplined design approach, and custom photography from the media studies program at UGH, we created a warm and relevant tone, celebrating students and areas throughout the campus environment. Partnering with Media Studies students on the photography proved to have some great outcomes for the book and provided them with valuable insights and experience into their future career goals. 
Each program spread was split into two areas: The course study information and a corresponding student success story. Each, providing both an emotional and rational response to choose UGH. Additionally, international students represent a big opportunity and was given a prominent focus within the book.
The secondary recruitment book targeted full/part-time and mature students.
The design approach evolved within a different book, in order to accommodate many different application types. It was meant to be a companion piece to the main student viewbook.
For 2020, we made great better. 
With success and learning of 2019, we developed a new creative idea and theme, while continuing to evolve the brand's visual style. This year, it focused on the main differentiator of what makes UGH a unique and compelling proposition: Degree + Diploma in 4 years. ​​​​​​​
More in 4.
This moniker became the anchor to everything and highlighted key sections of interest: More Perspective (international), More Choice (programs), More Support (student life), etc... 
The above examples were just a portion of the 12 pieces we created as part of UGH's recruitment efforts throughout the year.
​​​​​​​Credits:   Frank Casera – Creative & Design Director, Dean Moore – Account & Project Management, Tina Fernandez – Strategy, Stephen Thut – Art Direction,  Rita Chan – Graphic Design & Studio Production.

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