In a world inundated of worthy causes, The McEwen Centre 
found their voice in a cluttered non-for-profit market.

The McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, is a leading global research facility focused on the terminal deseases that affect the heart, blood, lungs and nervous system. Unlike many other worthy causes, regenerative medicine is still an abstract and in some cases, controversial issue in the minds of people. Our approach was to position the brand as a challenger of the status quo. An alternative choice that believes regenerative medicine, could find cures to humanity's most deadly deseases that once thought to be incurable. We did this by presenting some provocative thinking within desease states we wanted our audience to consider. Through a series of phased launch initiatives, we quickly established a voice and invited our target audience into the lab – literally at the bench through an interactive tour of the research facility. Because we believe that we were not only launching a brand, we were establishing a whole new category in the hearts and minds of potential philanthropic donors. Once they witness and learn of the incredible advances being made in the lab, they would become part of a movement for hope and the belief that cures could be had faster. 
Even in their lifetime.

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