MCAP is Canada's largest, independent mortgage financing company with over 1,500 employees and 400,000+ residential homeowners across Canada, and over $140 Billion in assets under management. It operates in three lines of business (LOB): Residential Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages and Development Finance.
Our task was to tell the story of MCAP through a series of corporate videos from each line of business and supported by one overarching corporate video. The challenge? To create a unique and consistent brand experience across all lines of business, while highlighting each division's unique strength and capabilities they bring to the market.
Rather than a traditional voiceover read, our approach was to bring the company's story to life through the very people who have contributed to its success. Each video was filmed using an interview style format featuring six executives with leading questions (off camera). This produced over 30 minutes of unscripted, raw interview footage of each executive talking about their business in conversation.
The biggest challenge was ensuring we captured the salient capabilities and sound bites from each executive. Then, piecing them together into a compelling corporate storytelling experience. The result is an authentic and unique perspective of what the company does, who it serves and why they are so unique in their category.
Residential Mortgages Corporate Video
Commercial Mortgages Corporate Video
Development Finance Corporate Video
Credits:   Frank Casera – Strategy & Creative Development, Eden Robbins – Director, Emmet Koudis – DOP & Editor, Karen Fogel – Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, MCAP, Haley McLachlan – Marketing & Communications Lead, MCAP
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