MCAP is an independent mortgage financing company. It originates, trades, securitizes and services Canadian mortgages. MCAP is an integral partner in transforming and enabling single and multi-family residential mortgages, real estate development and capital market opportunities.
Our objective was to celebrate the people of MCAP and how they empower thousands of independent, residential mortgage brokers across Canada. The idea of Blue Culture is more than a slogan, it’s at the heart of who they are and how they conduct business.
The campaign launched with an ethos/manifesto defining the meaning of Blue Culture and how it's not about what they do, but rather how they do it. The script was read by the very people who contribute to the mortgage broker (and homeowner) experience, then edited into one, powerful story.
Meet Elaine Taylor, VP of Sales, MCAP. Her passion for people and creating relationships is undeniable. This short video demonstrates her compassion, people-focused approach and care about the people she deals with. It also exemplifies the passion behind Blue Culture and what it means to Elaine. The complete interview can be seen here:
Each month, a corresponding video interview will celebrate each personality and area of the business: Sales, Customer Service and Underwriting. More to come in the weeks and months ahead.
​​​​​​​Credits:   Frank Casera – Strategy & Creative Development, Eden Robbins – Director, Emmet Koudis – DOP & Editor, Dré Dee – On-set Support & Interview, Karen Fogel – Senior Director, Marketing & Communications MCAP, Patricia Zhou – Marketing & Communications Specialist MCAP
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