Kelly Lake Building Supplies is a brand that everyone is familiar with, but not everybody really knows. As a building supply company, they experience all the dynamics of the category: concern about supply vs. demand; the e-commerce movement; and uncertainty of the pandemic and its implications to small business.
As a private business, it's been a part (and at the heart) of the community for 50 years! No other company has contributed (literally) more to the building of Sudbury than Kelly Lake Building Supplies.
As a small, independent local retailer, the company doesn't have the marketing resources and budgets for elaborate and costly retail campaigns. Until recently, most of the TV, radio, creative and production was supplied by the media companies who placed their spots. As a result, the message was inconsistent and had little differentiation for brand or the category. 
ONE Unltd. was hired to create an integrated strategy and an ownable story unique to the brand. It needed to be practical, cost-effective and be capable of anchoring the message with one common theme and creative approach. It consisted of five 30 second radio spots produced and created by ONE Unltd. and the help of long-standing partnerships and industry friends. The TV spots were shot and edited by CTV Bell Media. ONE Unltd. provided the script, direction and overall creative approach. 
The 30sec. radio consisted of a mix of corporate brand, seasonal, DYI project spots and one drive-to-retail Holiday spot.
tv 1
The TV was a mix of 30 and 15 second spots that were rotated within the media plan.
​​​​​​​Credits:   Frank Casera – Strategy & Creative Development, Alan Marr – Co-Creative Partner & writer, David Savoie – Voiceover, Danny Williams – Mix & Editing.
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