Two years after a major liquidity event, alternative lender Home Capital Group Inc. (Home) has refocused their business on what matters most... their customers. Together, with Home's internal Investor Relations, Communications and Branding Teams, we integrated its 2018 Annual Report message with a new brand framework and guidelines being executed concurrently by the Brand Team. The result, is a beautifully told story of not only the role Home plays in the lives of their customers, but the story of Home and the renewed optimism and trust they have quickly earned.
Unlike traditional Annual Report covers which announce a successful financial year, Home wanted to celebrate the stories that made it possible.
Gone were the traditional, bombastic claims, targeting an array of private and institutional investors. Instead, this was an opportunity to tell the story of Home. The new Home. Who with the help and determination of a stellar management team, repositioned and signaled what it values most: Its customers.
The simple message is further revealed on the first spread. 
Again, quite an unconventional way to open a shareholder's report... Our approach was to slowly take the reader through the Home story one piece at a time, beginning with a warm welcome message to its shareholders, customers and employees.
Each section needed to stand on its own, but work together to communicate the complete Home story.  
Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of the lender's new brand values. As such a full spread with metrics and areas of focus were prominently displayed.
Financial metrics were organized and illustrated to effectively communicate relevant facts and figures.
It was important to feature each strategic driver within the report: Focused Growth, Alternative Lending Products, Sustainable Risk Culture. Each, informed the Home story.
A typical annual report has many tables, facts and numbers. The challenge, is often how to communicate the salient points contained within the reams of financial information. In this example, we created a template to organize the information in simple sections. We then duplicated them for each of the remaining two sections. Metrics were used to not only communicate Home's strength in the market, but we introduced current CMHC statistics to contextualize the points even more.
Home Capital's stock is one of the best performers on the TSX in 2019.​​​​​​​
Credits:   Frank Casera – Creative Director & Lead Designer, Jackie Dean – Production Management,  Rita Chan – Graphic Design & Studio Production.
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