A new brand is born.

On June 18, 2003, AT&T Canada emerged from chapter 11 as Allstream: A new Canadian company, financially strong and fully independent communication solutions provider, servicing the needs of North American business. In the face of significant organizational change, the short-term health of Allstream rested on the ability to retaintheir best customers from competitive attack, while building new customers in the process. Not an easy task given the risk-adverse nature of C-Level executives, who were our core target.

Allstream Small Business Campaign

The new voice of Allstream comes through loud and clear in this campaign targeting Canadian business decision makers. Not only did this aquire new customers for Allstream and reduced customer defection by 99.5%, it firmly established the brand in the minds of our target audience.
Credits:   Duncan Bruce, Executive Creative Director, Frank Casera – Creative Director & Lead Designer, David Daga – Co-Creative Director & Writer, Jennifer Nicholson – Writer, Karen Wu – Art Director, Simon Neuman – Art Director, Terry Levine, Writer, Len Wise – Account Director, and Publicis Canada
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